Is Webassign A Solution to Online Learning


Webassign Online Learning

Yes, Webassign is one of the best solutions to online learning.

Most of the learning in the 21st century is now shifting to be digital. With the upcoming technology, students and teachers are finding it easy to learn via online platforms than hardcopy books.

Besides, tutors have opted to give class tests to students through established websites. With the access to the internet, an individual can use an electronic device to work on educational activities in any location in the world.

The websites that students can access their class tests online have to have usernames

Critique of Good Brochure for low literacy learners

The healthcare industry aims at improving the health of as many patients as possible. In this case, it is concerned about the literacy levels of patients in order to determine the kind of medication that such patients ought to receive. According to Bastable (2013), patients with high illiteracy levels tend to have more medical admissions than the literate ones. The author’s conclusion is that those patients have psychological related problems due to their low comprehension levels. These patients would find it difficult interpreting information that the health care practitioners provide to them. Health care providers noticed that patients with low

Governor Profile- Texas

Pick any Texas Governor other than Greg Abbott.

George Walker Bush

  1. Name the political party this governor represented.

George W. Bush became the 46th Governor of Texas on a Republican Party. He served from 1995 until 2000 when he was elected the President of the United States.


  1. List any governmental positions held prior to becoming governor
  2. Name the dates the positions were held

Before becoming the Governor of Texas, George W. Bush initially served as an F-102 pilot for the Texas Air National Guard. He later worked for an oil and gas company in Midland from 1975 to

Fire Dynamics

Fire safety is a critical subject that has not received serious attention from the owners of infrastructures. Despite the risk that businesses and households face from fire, there is scant literature with regards to prevention or mitigation strategies in the event of fire-related emergencies. Nevertheless, some scholars have researched and discussed the issues of fire dynamics and the importance of having elaborate fire safety policies. In their article titled, “Sensor-Assisted Fire Fighting,” Cowlard et al. (2010) discuss the need to use sensor technology in fire-fighting efforts. In particular, the authors highlight the importance of using sensor to enhance firefighting function

Fire Statistics

No one would want to lose life or property because of occurrence of fire at the workplace or at home. The loss due to fire can be devastating, and, thus, businesses must put procedures in place to reduce the risk of it in an attempt to protect life and property. The risks due to fire vary depending on the nature of the working environment (Bellamy, 2015). In this case, business owners need to have appropriate knowledge concerning their environment to identify fire risks and hazards in the premises. Before the commencement of any venture, entrepreneurs need to conduct a site

Initial Public Offering

Nominal Gross Domestic Product (NGDP) is the total income before the deduction of the inflation. When the economy of a country is in a desperate state, the government must take strict measures to curb the situation. The nominal aggregate income is not adjusted to the inflation and usually deployed to achieve a stable economy. The stable economy is characterized by maximum employment, moderate long-term interest rate, and stable prices (Dambra Schonberger & Wasley, 2018). The government does not adjust the inflation in an economy with a high level of unemployment. While launching a new product in the market, the economy

Obesity as a Major Health Problem in the U.S

Obesity as a Major Health Problem in the U.S

  • Issue or Problem to Address

The main issue that I will address is the health and social-economical problem of obesity in the U.S. While many industrialized nations experience obesity cases, obesity rates in the U.S. are of concern because it is the highest in the world. It is a major health issue since it results in high risk of having health problems such as cancer, coronary artery disease, and stroke (Williams et al., 2015). In addition, the cost of living for obese people is high because they require more finances to

Fire-related Research Problem (Fire Science)


The aim of this study is to identify the causes of various fire-related problems, consequences of fire hazards, preventive measures, and suggestions to avoid future problems. The human causes of fire include fault electrics, general negligence, human error, combustible materials, and arson. Companies can apply various preventive measures to avoid fire accidents. One of them is the installation of devices such as fire alarms to notify people about fire. Moreover, they can install devices such as CCTV and automated sprinkler system. Companies should make sure that combustible products are appropriately stored or disposed. Households should ensure that they sleep

Michael Jordan Case Study

Case Study

Michael Jordan sued Qiaodan store in Beijing for utilizing the transliteration of his personal details on their products. The Chinese Supreme Court ruled in favor of Michael Jordan citing lack of adequate evidence to warrant his incarceration. The investigating team failed to collect sufficient information that would show that there is an association between Michael Jordan and the shoe store.


The problem in this case is to establish whether Michael Jordan owns the right to his name in China. Jordan needed to ensure that his fans understand that there is no connection between him and Qiaodan

A Psychosocial Assessment and Clinical Summary

Presenting the Problem

Caylee Brad, a 23-year-old white heterosexual female, has inhaled cocaine and heroin and suffered from Bulimia for the past 7 years. 5 years ago, she began using the drugs intravenously.

Personal Status

Caylee is a 23-year-old who lives with her parents in Houston, Texas. Brad and Christy raised their only child in the state Houston. She attended local kindergarten and high school institutions in the state. At the age of 23 years, she began engaging in sexual activities with a 51-year-old man. Most Caylee’s friends have abused heroin and cocaine at some point in their lives (“Intervention