A Psychosocial Assessment and Clinical Summary

Presenting the Problem

Caylee Brad, a 23-year-old white heterosexual female, has inhaled cocaine and heroin and suffered from Bulimia for the past 7 years. 5 years ago, she began using the drugs intravenously.

Personal Status

Caylee is a 23-year-old who lives with her parents in Houston, Texas. Brad and Christy raised their only child in the state Houston. She attended local kindergarten and high school institutions in the state. At the age of 23 years, she began engaging in sexual activities with a 51-year-old man. Most Caylee’s friends have abused heroin and cocaine at some point in their lives (“Intervention Caylee, Heroin Cocaine & Bulimia (Documentary”, 2018).

Drug History and Current Use

Caylee regularly indulged in alcohol abuse at the age of 16 years. At 17, she began experimenting with heroin, cocaine, and OxyContin every other day. The friends of Caylee exposed her to heroin at the age of 17 years (“Intervention Caylee, Heroin Cocaine & Bulimia (Documentary)”, 2018). Initially, she inhaled the drugs for about one to two times a day, and within two weeks, she began injecting herself with the drugs. She now injects herself with the drugs daily.

Treatment History

Caylee has not had any treatment for her drug addiction. She refused to attend a rehabilitation program organized by her parents.

Past Psychiatric/Psychological History

Caylee has suffered from emotional abuse from her mother. Christy did not want her daughter to eat French fries out of fear that she would gain weight. Because she had grown fatter than her mother, she assumed that she had gained too much weight. Therefore, she began inducing vomit after every meal. Over time, she grew as thin as her mother. Caylee developed the tendency of playing the violin to please her mother who took her to violin classes. She became insecure about her body weight and overall looks (“Intervention Caylee, Heroin Cocaine & Bulimia (Documentary)”, 2018).

Family History

Christy and Brad have supported their daughter from the time that they gave birth to her. They took her to school and encouraged her to continue playing the violin. Christy, her mother suffered from Bulimia and prevented her daughter from eating foods containing a high percentage of fats. Christy controlled the amount of food her daughter ate and even pointed out her chubbiness in public. Over time, Caylee began to vomit as soon as she had eaten food. Because her mother suffered from the same problem, she did not have the authority to help her daughter. When Caylee started abusing cocaine and heroin at the age of 17 years, her parents began to fight. Brad began drinking and gambling the family’s savings. Christy relocated to Chicago to seek help.

Positive Support System

Although Caylee’s parents have unsolved personal issues, they remain supportive of Caylee seeking treatment for her addiction. The parents have encouraged their daughter to attend a rehabilitation center so that she can receive help.


Caylee has a high school certificate.


Diagnosis:   Heroin Use                                  Code: F34.1__________

Diagnosis:  Cocaine Use                                 Code: F10.10_________

Diagnosis:   OxyContin Use                           Code: F60.3_________

Diagnosis:   Problem related to pleasing the parents                                                              Code: Z59.1__________

Diagnosis:  Problem related to living alone___________________     Code: Z60.2__________

Caylee has shown an interest in seeking medical assistance with her condition. In fact, she has accepted to visit a rehabilitation center so that the psychiatrists can help her recover from her addiction.

About the Author: Russell White