With their roots in the wine industry dating back to the 1770s, it’s no surprise that the Mettler Family is still growing grapes today. After migrating to the U.S. in the late 1800’s, the Mettler family moved west to California, where they knew that farming would bring success.The east side of the now famous Lodi region is where the first Mettler vineyards were planted by George Mettler and began the family’s Lodi legacy. One hundred years and eight generations later, the Mettler family’s premium vineyards now produce grapes for many well-known winery clients. In 1999 the Mettlers made their first wine, a cabernet sauvignon, using grapes from one of their best vineyards. This inaugural wine was released in 2001 to outstanding critical acclaim.

At Mettler Family Vineyards, the quality of the wine begins in the vineyard. Having specialized in farming in the Lodi appellation, the Mettlers have been able to employ the latest and best methods of farming in this region. The good with wine is an expression of where and how the grapes are grown, from the clones and rootstocks chosen, to the irrigation and trellis systems used. Understanding this, the Mettler’s pay careful attention to every detail, ensuring their wines are the best expression of the ‘terroir’ of the Lodi appellation.
Mettler Family Vineyards
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About the Author: Russell White