Michael Jordan Case Study

Case Study

Michael Jordan sued Qiaodan store in Beijing for utilizing the transliteration of his personal details on their products. The Chinese Supreme Court ruled in favor of Michael Jordan citing lack of adequate evidence to warrant his incarceration. The investigating team failed to collect sufficient information that would show that there is an association between Michael Jordan and the shoe store.


The problem in this case is to establish whether Michael Jordan owns the right to his name in China. Jordan needed to ensure that his fans understand that there is no connection between him and Qiaodan shoe store. Jordan needed to protect his name, as the store created confusion among fans on the real owner of Qiaodan shoe store. Michael Jordan owns multiple enterprises in China, and it was critical that he protected his name based on trademark laws. For this reason, he had to sue Qiaodan Shoe Store to protect his name. He won the case as the court ordered the store stop Jordan’s name to brand their products.

Applicable Law

The Article 3 of trademark law in China states that a registered trademarks in one that is approved and registered by the trademark office. The document must include service and collective marks. If Qiaodan shoe store registered under Jordan’s, it would be an infringement of trademark laws.


By registering their business under Jordan’s name, Qiaodan shoe store breaks the laws on trademarks and registration of business. Qiaodan shoe store must own exclusive rights to use Jordan’s name to register the business after obtaining his consent. Without fulfilling these requirements, Qiaodan shoe store breaks the Chinese trademark laws associated with registration of businesses.


Michael Jordan has the right to defend his name and other personal details from other business. The move would ensure that he protects his other businesses and his career. The case acts as an example for other business men and women to maintain ethics in business.

About the Author: Russell White